Nuffnang Buffered Earning?

Nuffnang Buffered EarningAm I really getting paid from Nuffnang? Good question. I checked my Nuffnang earning this morning (in fact I've forgotten my Nuffnang account for almost about a month already) and I saw there are 11 buffered earning items in my Nuffnang account.

Should I be happy or not? I guess you will say " Oh yeah why not". I want to feel happy about my Nuffnang but this is my first experience about Nuffnang and I'm not too sure whether I'll be getting paid by Nuffnang. (*finger crossed) Hahaha.

I slapped my Nuffnang ads banners on 4 of my blog, here, here, here and here. Those blogs recieves decent amount of traffics daily. But based on my observation Nuffnang updates their earning report pretty slow. I wonder what me be the reason.

Anywhere, I can only hope that Nuffnang really pays their advertisers. I will continue to serve Nuffnang ads until I found out otherwise. That all for today. Have a nice day guys.
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