Isnin, 18 Julai 2011

Taliban Restaurant

Taliban food centre, Taliban coffee shop, Taliban restaurantHi guys, ever heard of Taliban Restaurant? I was in Inanam yesterday. So my friend ask me to 'Tapau' some food for him. I asked him what kind of food and where to buy?

Guess what, he said he want the roti canai from Taliban Restaurant near the bus terminal in Inanam.

It was difficult to located the Taliban food centre. I went around the shop lots nearby the bus terminal and finally found it. It is located below the office of Takaful Malaysia or beside Honda Boon Siew in Inanam. It is a corner shop and there are so many people was there.

I wonder why?

So I tapau roti canai for my friend and people are streaming in and out of the Taliban Restaurant in Inanam.

I didn't had anything from Taliban coffee shop for myself but may be one of these days I will go there to try out the roti canai there.

Anyway, Taliban restaurant or coffee shop is just a name. Nothing to to with Taliban in Afghanistan. :)

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