Jumaat, 26 Ogos 2011

Adsense 3rd payment through Western Union

Adsense payment through Western UnionI'm happy today. Got another payment from Adsense and this is the 3rd time I received payment from Adsense. Well, off course the amount is not big, coupled with the US dollar exchange rates with Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is getting lower and lower nowadays the amount that I'm going to get is also getting lower.

Hopefully US Dollar is getting better the next time I get my payment from Google Adsense again.

The best thing is Google Adsense is paying through Western Union. Much easier and faster to get my money. This time I got only about RM 600 from my Google Adsense income. I will cash it out next monday. Yeahhh.. will buy some gadgets for my laptop and paying some bills.

So is making money online with blog is possible? Yes! it is and I'm not going to stop here. I will try to reach RM 1000 every month with my blog. I know it is possible. I will just need to update this blog and write more. May be 1 blog post a day?

Last time I wrote about Google Adsens is dead but I think it is still pretty much alive. Blogger just need to work bit harder to get more organic traffics. Thanks Google Adsense for making it possible to make money online.

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