Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2011

Girl was raped at 5th Floor, Karamunsing Parking Lot

Kes rogol Karamunsing parking lotWalking around in Sabah is really unsafe now. I feel that every time I walk alone and all the time even when I'm at home.

Today there is a news going around about girl was raped at 5th floor Karamunsing parking lot recently and the culprit still roaming free. Where is the police?

Although this news have not confirmed or verified as there are no official statement from the police yet but still this is something we all should beware about.

"ALERT !!!! to Ladies and young girls. Please be extra careful especially when you are alone. Always lock your car and beware of stalkers. A young lady was raped at Karamunsing Car Park on Saturday 07.00pm 5th Floor. No confirmation from management of the complex but the source is reliable…please share among your friends…"
Please share this news to your friend and take care always.

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