Ahad, 7 Ogos 2011

Google Adsense is dead

No! At least not yet. Google Adsense is still pretty much alive today but I think this mode of advertisement will become obsolete soon and people are no longer interested in using it to make money online.

And if such, Google Adwords is also going to hit 'The End' button. Google Adsense and Google Adwords are inter-connected. There are Adsense ads on publisher webpages because there are Adwords users a.k.a advertisers.

Why? Because people now are ads-blind. They are so used to ads in webpages and most of the time they just ignore it. People are getting more educated in using the internet. They are able to distinguish related/important links and Adsense links/ads links.

They tend not to click Adsense ads because they knew that if they click on it, somebody is making money. And they don't like the idea of helping others making some money. Well..fair enough, we can't blame them.

So what is next for us publisher? Google will have to think hard about it. If not soon enough Facebook is overtaking Google. Right now, Facebook has moved many steps ahead. Now Facebook function as search engine as well and link up with Bing!

What is left for Google?

Since Adsense and Adwords is one of Google main money making machine is dying, it is high time for Google to come up with something new.

Not so long ago, Netscape tried to revive itself by coming up with new name ROCKMELT! an enhanced and upgraded search engine, combined with Facebook a networking portal. In the beginning, I thought it gonna be the next big thing, but then after many months ROCKMELT was launched, not much impact can be seen today. Is ROCKMELT melting? Couldn't say for sure but its going to be hard for them. It is getting tougher now.

So, Google Adsense is dead? Not yet but if Google don't come up with something new, publishers will leave Google and opt for smaller/alternative advertising campaign mode, may be a localized one.

Off course it is hard to replace Google, but seeing how Facebook is doing, it is not impossible, in fact it is pretty much possible.

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