Selasa, 23 Ogos 2011

How to improve blog traffic after Google Panda Update?

The recent Google Panda Update rendered a severe blows to my blog. Many of my blog posts was de-indexed resulting traffics to reduced dramatically. Now I'm looking for a ways to regain traffics and probably get those de-indexed to re-index by Google.

Now, How to recover from Google Panda Update? This is truly a very tough question to answer. Right know I still haven't found any good methods to recover from the blows from Google Panda Update.

I tried lot of methods like optimizing my website by fixing HTML issues on Google Webmaster Tools. De-index all the category and tag pages from Google search index. But none of them are helping to improve the traffic in my case. So what did I do to improve my blog traffic? I want you go give me some tips to do it. Seriously, I'm kinda run out of ideas.

Finally, is getting back some traffics after international Google Panda Update somewhere in April. Recovery is hard and pain. Why? I had to write more quality articles to replace those lost traffic. Yes, quality articles is still the best way to get quality organic traffics.

Most of the latest increased traffic is coming from my new articles. I did not manages to gain back those lost traffic on certain keywords. They are gone forever. But this is not end of the world, we still can write better and more quality articles, right? And I promise you to write more.

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