Khamis, 25 Ogos 2011

JSS-Tripler updated reviews

First of all I want to let you know that I'm a member of JSS-Tripler program and been in this so call make money online with JSS-Tripler for about 4 monts now.

As such, I consider myself as qualified to make my personal review on this online money making program JSS-Tripler which you can be a member by filling up the online registeration form through

Now, the reason of this reviews is not to discourage you from taking part or participating in JSS-Tripler but to share my experiences in using the JSS-Tripler system hoping that I can make some fortune online.

Now let get down to the reviews. I know you want to know my personal experiences with JSS-Tripler.

Personally, I don't think JSS-Tripler is a good money making system. This is similar to the like of Swisscash, e-wallet and many more out there. The system is to get as much investors as possible who are willing to put in money into this system, then, the accumulated cash/money will be distributed to members. So as long as the existing members are still putting in real money/cash and getting new members who are willing to invest so there will a constant flow of real cash coming in to be distributed to members.

Now what will happen when there are no more new members coming in or the existing members stops putting in real cash and just hoping for new members putting in money? Of course there is no more real cash to be distributed to the members. BUT you can still see USD 0.20 coming into your account but those are only virtual money.

As I type this review, that is what happened with my JSS-Tripler account. I can still see figure (money) coming in but when I make request to withdraw the money to my, I no longer got paid since I stopped putting in real money into my JSS Tripler account. They can detect it when you stop putting real money into your account.

And up until now I still haven't got paid from JSS-Tripler although I already sent many withdraw request. Is JSS-Tripler a genuine money making system? My answer is NO, but well may be you guys got different experiences using JSS-Tripler. You are welcome to share them here.

I spent USD 120 to invest in JSS-Tripler and I got paid only once so far which is USD 20 and never get paid after that. It is not profitable at all!

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