Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2011

My working station in the office

clean Office working stationSo today is the last working day before our a week long Hari Raya holiday. I decided to take the picture of my working station to show you how free and lazy worker I am. :P

If you look at the picture you may see the table is quite clean and there no single files on the table. Well, I don't need those files messed up the space of my working station. I want it like that clean and not so many papers on it.

But that again it shows I'm so free and lazy? Does it means I'm not busy in the office? Where are my files? Hahaha Good question. I kept them safely in the locker behind my seat. If I don't need them I will never take them out.

But I guess clean table is good for you. It makes you feel comfortable and easier to do your work. It also makes your mind more active and feel like there are more spaces in my mind all the time.

Anyway, my job does not requires me to deal with too many paperwork. Most of the things can be done online or in the company system. And you see all I have on my computer is my blog Hahaha I wish to take this opportunity to wish you SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all of you.


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