Selasa, 2 Ogos 2011

Nuffnang server down? My Nuffnang earning back to zero

So this is about making money with Nuffnang again. So many blog posts out there was complaining about Nuffnang not paying publishers, Nuffnang cheating advertisers, difficult to earn more with Nuffnang and many more.

I was like 'Oh heck..why do I need to care about all those'

Then the other day I stumbled upon a lengthy blog post about making better money with Innity or something. I was like 'oh Gosh! I gotta switch to Innity then'

But hey, Nuffnang management team, I'm still here with Nuffnang, publishing Nuffnang ads and hoping to make something out of it.

But why?!

What happened to my Nuffnang account. The last time I checked my Nuffnang earning it was RM 40.90 and my buffered earning was about RM 27.00, surely I have no problem hitting the RM 50.00 to get paid. And today my earning back to RM 0.00 - RM 50 before I get paid? And my blog enjoy decent amount of traffics.

What is wrong with you Nuffnang? You can't maintain a server then get the hell out of this bussiness. You guys better give a good explaination why my earning back to RM 0.00. it doesn't seems good to me.

Now I'm seriously considering about switching to Innity. Who know Innity know more about how to take care of their publisher. May be they have a better, real time server to update my earning.

Nuffnang managament team, this is last warning to you!

Anda mungkin berminat dengan maklumat-maklumat berkaitan di bawah yang menyediakan info dan rujukan untuk forex trader

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