Sabtu, 20 Ogos 2011

Rocky's Bru new blog

Rocky to lead media onslaught against Najib?
By Uppercaise

Word has been going around about what Rocky of Rocky’s Bru (Datuk Ahiruddin Atan) would do next, after leaving Redberry group at the end of his contract in May. Speculation was that that he would once again be involved in media as point man for a new political campaign.

He’s planning a new blog… he’s planning a new web site…

Now a new blog fingers Rocky as leading an online media onslaught against Najib Tun Razak, the Umno president, whose precarious hold on the prime ministership looks even more tenuous day by day.

Rocky had risen to prominence by using his blog and his network of blogger and journalist friends to campaign against the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi government and the New Straits Times.

When Abdullah was ousted and Najib took over a year later Rocky appeared to have become the voice of the new power establishment, with close ties to the new Najib appointees at the NSTP group.

He made a loudly proclaimed return to the Malay Mail where he had once worked (and supervised its collapse as a free afternoon paper) before being pushed upstairs as editorial adviser after Redberry, primarily an outdoor advertising company, took control of the Malay Mail, Malaysian Reserve, a financial daily, and Bernama TV media sales.

Now Rocky’s out on the loose — and some say he’s gunning for Najib.

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