Jumaat, 30 September 2011

Do you make any money with Nuffnang?

My answer is a big NO! And as I speak here, there is no more Nuffnang ads on my blog. Do you know what? I'm not making any money with Nuffang despite the increasing number of organic traffics coming into my blog.

So this is what I found out?

Buffered earning (BE) - You will make money with Nuffang if there is Buffered Earning or BE for you. I was getting many buffered earning before when there was very little traffics coming into my blog, but as the organic traffics are getting fatter and bigger Nuffnang's BE is very hard to get now. In fact I didn't get any the past 2 months. Since BE is no longer given to me, I'm not making any money now with Nuffnang. I'm still waiting for my first check from Nuffnang. I will post it here when I received it.

Nuffnang Glitterati Status - Yes, indeed Nuffang Glitterati status is good. But since I'm not getting any BE anymore so I removed most of Nuffnang ads on my blog. Today, Nuffnang punished me. My Nuffnang's Glitterati status reduced to Ordinary (non-exclusive) member. Well, like I care. I'm not making any money with Nuffnang so why should I stick around any longer with Nuffnang.

Ads Blind - People now are so used to ads. Nuffnang is using the same format of ads most of the time. Since Nuffnang ads is not like Adsense ads so you will find that those Nuffnang ads are not related to your topic in the blog. So we are not getting much clicks from our readers.

HeartBeat.my - To replace Nuffnang, I signed up with HeartBeat.My, an online gift store. I can see there is money to be made from here and the future potential are there. You will make money both from the click on your banners and also from items sold through your link. I think this is truly a win-win situation between advertiser and the publisher. To sign up with HeartBeat.my please click HERE.

Ok, sodo you make any money with Nuffnang? My answer is still a big NO.

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