Ahad, 11 September 2011

Group farming project for graduates in Sabah

Kota Kinabalu: The state government is prepared to consider the proposal for a large-scale group farming project to accomodate agriculture graduates from Institut Skill-Tech Sabah especially to those who are without land.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said such project would provide opportunities to these graduates and the institut to collaborate in planning and implementing strategies to develop the plantation and agricultures sectors in the state.

"We will give serious consideration to any application that is beneficial to the people, including the youth, in the state" he said after opening the first convocation of Institut of Skill-Tech Sabah, at Tun Ahmad Raffae Auditorium, Tun Mustapha Tower here.

Musa was asked to comment on the proposal for such project by the institut's chief executive, Nordin Abdul Maleh, in his welcoming speech earlier.

The CM said the setting up of agro-related institutes in the state was appropriate in view of the need to give training opportunities to the youth, thus enabling them to work in the plantation sector.

This was also in line with the Governmen's intention to focus on the agriculture sector apart from tourism and maunfacturing, he said.

"We will focus on the agricultural sector in view of the availability of vast tract of fertile land in Sabah' he said, thanking the Melaka-based institut for setting up a branch in Keningau, in the interior of Sabah.

Musa urged the youth, especially Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia school leavers to enroll in courses provided by the institut. "We should change the perception that livestock breeding or farming are lowly jobs.

If we have the knowledge and skills, we can be a successful livestock breeder or farmer" he said, adding that Sabah is on the right track in making agriculture one of the economic engines of the state.-Daily Express

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