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Kudat-Kota Belud Road a death trap?

I stumbled upon this news from borneocolours.com posted by Adriana_81. Looking at the title of this article and also the picture confirmed that Kudat-Kota Belud road or some people says 'Kudat-Kota Belud Highway' a death trap is indeed true.

I've been using this road for so many years. Huge amount of money had been spent to repair this road but I wonder why it is still in such condition.

So the government put the blame on GOD. Remember what Sammy Velu said last time? They said, it is because of the weather. I remember going through roads in Queenstown area in New Zealand, passing through countless snowy mountainous area BUT the road there are good! There are no pot holes along the road. It is because the road was built with good quality materials and the job specification/road specification was strictly followed. The person who was given the job to monitor the work did a good job.

So are we still blaming God for this? May be we should blame ourselves or perhaps the government of the day. There are many reasons as to why those roads are in such condition. There are many reason, and obviously the budget was not one/part of it. I heard the budget allocated was adequate if not more than enough.

Standard road/highway specification is that, there must be a road shoulder. Can you see any road shoulder in our roads around Sabah? Where does the money for the road shoulder gone to? It can't be into my pocket!

Along Kudat-Kota Belud road, we can see earth works going on all the time but road condition is still the same. What they did all this while? They 'tampal or patching' here and there making the road surfaces uneven.

It is time for us who live in the northern part of Sabah to deliver a strong message to the government that we are not happy with their performances. They have no choices but to improve or be changed. Do we need more people died on this death trap road before we do something? I don't think so!

Kudat-Kota Belud road a death trap

KOTA MARUDU: The phase one upgrading work from Kota Belud to Langkon has been completed with a cost of RM5.9 million but the completed upgrading work at Ulu Kukut is still dangerous and treacherous to ply with virtually a ‘death trap’ – that can seriously injure an unwary road user, damage the vehicle and injure or even kill the occupants inside.

The trunk road from Kg Mangaris 1 to Kg Mangaris 3 and from Kg Mangaris 3 to Ulu Kukut and Kg Mantanau is still riddled with deep potholes, protruding road surfaces and criss-crossed with many deep uneven surfaces.

Many motorists complained of shock while traversing the road especially during bad weather condition after stumbling deep uneven road surfaces and large potholes.

“This is very disgusting and dangerous as any time accidents can happen.

“We really hope the relevant authority can rectify the shoddy upgrading repair and maintenance work,” said some motorists met on the way but who wished to remain anonymous for personal reason.

“The approximately 5km stretch of road from Kg Mangaris 3 and the road going downhill to Kg Ulu Kukut and Kg Mantanau is treacherous and dangerous as these sections of the trunk road has many large potholes, crevices and deep uneven surfaces that makes a ride very bumpy and inconvenient,” said Awang Arshad who is a regular passenger of Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) Van from Kudat to Kinabalu.

Awang’s opinion was supported by Sharifah Razi who urged the relevant authority to undertake rectification work on the completed road upgrading repair and maintenance work.

“For the sake of road users and motorists as well as commuters plying the road daily, the shoddy work must be rectified.

Accidents also can be prevented from happening or befalling anyone using the road if the road is of good condition.

By any standard, the repair and maintenance undertaken is of very low standard,” claimed Sharifah, who is also a regular road user of the road.

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