Isnin, 5 September 2011

Malaysia Prime Minister (PM) Najib Razak Resign Tomorrow?

PM najib Razak resign tomorrowI'm about to sleep but when I refreshed my Facebook's wall just now, I saw this shocking news about Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak will resign from his post as Malaysia's prime minister by tomorrow.

Seriously I'm not sure whether or not this breaking news within the online community is true or not but this news sure will surprise everyone. So now everyone is waiting for tomorrow to confirm the news.

I read the more details news about Najib Razak will resign from this blog Tukang Lawan. It was reported in that blog about Najib Razak's intention to resign tomorrow and that his political appointed officers are busy cleaning their desk/table at the moment to move out tomorrow.

Personally, I don't think the news is true. It is because Najib Razak has never mentioned anything about resigning from his post so far and that he is preparing for the next Malaysia general election. Resigning now is not something he would do I believe.

So it is just a rumors. Until it is proven otherwise, I consider this is just a rumors spreading like a wild-fire through Short Message System (SMS) and blogs.

Anyway, let all wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is eminent while this rumors is yet to be proven.

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2 ulasan:

  1. Its good to be true.. but when it happen, rejoice all over the country.. ..or not. but then its time to elect new PM.

  2. hopefully it's true.. but i know it's only rumours.. because malaysian YBs are power crazy..


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