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Personalized Tshirt From HeartBeat.My

If you are thinking about having Custom Made Your Own T-Shirt for couple, search no more.You can do it now in just few minutes. provides design personalized t-shirts online by searching from our various of unique design ideas. You can choose from our t-shirt design ideas such as HOROSCOPE TEE, I LOVE TEE, MESSAGE TEE, PHOTO TEE & COUPLE TEE. You find the design that you desire, pick the shirt size and quantity, we'll print it and ship it. Based on our observation Couple Tee sells very fast and the online order for this particular items is constantly increasing.

You can choose a funny or meaningful image with a cool saying to create a t-shirt. In addition, you can also choose to use text only with your creativity in order to create your personalized t-shirt.

Personalized t-shirts are suitable to use as gifts for a gang of friends or classmates as well. For example, you can print "BeSt Friend" with the group/class photo on t-shirt as a graduation gift, birthday gift or just for FRIENDSHIP.

So why you should get a set of Couple Tee? Yes, good question there. The followings may be my best answer for that question.

1. As a gift to remember special moment.
2. As a symbol of your commitment towards your loved one.this sounds reasonable right?
3. To instantly cheer someone up.
4. To be different from the other couples on the street. There are far too many people wearing a same/color and design out there.
5. Occasion that you can use Couple Tee as a gift
6. Mark a special moments together
7. This gift will definitely stands out from the others given and also a truly a memorable ones !!! Definetly.

The T-shirt was made of Dryfit Tee and with nice packaging.

Waste no time. While there are plenty of stock with but there is no guarantee that it will never run out of stock. Since it was introduced, online orders/request coming in constantly.

Availability for your online order Usually ships in 3-5 business days. Longer time for Sabah and Sarawak. For online order / purchase please visit the website at HEARTBEAT.MY


hi heart beat store =)
i really appreciate that u guys help me design my LOVE TEE!
me and my boy friend love it so much~ but at 1st he said that he dun dare 2 go out with this shirt ~ lol!
but end up~ he is wearing this and playing his dota~ =D and he said that he will wear it! WOOHOO!!!


it is really happy 2 get presents for him and 2 get his present!

i love the Tee shirt quality!
mayb me and my housemate will get one~ haha~
each of us get 1... then we are going 2 purchase 4 shirts! wow!
im gonna help u guys 2 promote promote and promote ;) =p

really thank u , heart beat store! coz, me and my bf are really happy with these "couple tee"~ =p

Im gonna say thank u again ~ heart beat store ;)


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