Ahad, 30 Oktober 2011

The 10 best paying country in Google Adsense

May be some of you never realise that one of the important factor to improve your Google Adsense earning is to write article geared toward getting more readers from the best paying country in Google Adsense.

I haven't realized about it until recently when Jayce from SPBlogger.com wrote an interesting article about it. The article was really an eye-opener.

spblogger.com top paying country in Google Adsense
According to Jayce the top 10 best paying countries in Google Adsense is United States (US), Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

So that I realize the benefits of writing article with the best paying country in Google Adsense in mind, I will try to ensure most of my articles are towards that purposes.

Yes, it is something tricky but improving my Adsense earning is also important. The the trick is to get more traffics from those best paying country.

But of course different website has their own highest paying country in Google Adsense. I did some observation on my webpage and the result is similar to Jayce, SPBlogger.com's highest paying country in Google Adsense.

Anda mungkin berminat dengan maklumat-maklumat berkaitan di bawah yang menyediakan info dan rujukan untuk forex trader

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