Ahad, 2 Oktober 2011

DiGi first BlackBerry store in Malaysia

DiGi is making one more big step in telecommunication business venture. It was reported that DiGi opens its first BlackBerry Store in Malaysia. The announcement came several days ago and I think the store is already ready for business as we speak here.

DiGi announced the opening of its first DiGi BlackBerry Store. The move from DiGi is indeed a very smart decision as BlackBerry seems to be one of the most preferred gadget in Malaysia The first of its kind store in Malaysia is a result of a collaboration between DiGi and RIM to bring a BlackBerry-centric consumer experience to Blackberry fans in Malaysia. The 1,100 sqft store is located at the DiGi flagship store at the DiGi 360 Center in SoHo, Mont Kiara.

DiGi sees BlackBerry as a strong contender in the mobile devices market in Malaysia despite RIM’s poor financial and sales performance this year. DiGi’s Head of Retail, Patrick Er says that BlackBerry has a strong product roadmap and a large base of over 1.5 million BlackBerry users in Malaysia, a market in which DiGi wants to strengthen its position.

At the same time, Patrick says that the DiGi BlackBerry store will support “the local BlackBerry user community by providing a spot where BlackBerry enthusiasts can converge, learn and share their BlackBerry experience with each other.”

DiGi and RIM also plan to have monthly BlackBerry related activities at the store.

Source: Credit given to SoyaCincau.com

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