Ahad, 9 Oktober 2011


I just came back from GinavoKu GinavoNu (GKGN) or JantungKu JantungMu (in Bahasa Malaysia) premier show at 7.00pm (8/10/2011) in Dewan Masyarakat Kota Kinabalu. So GinavoKu GinavoNu, the first Rungus Telemovie is officially launched today. The launching event was officiated by Jelani Hamdan, the GKGN Executive producer.

This telemovie is jointly produced by Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA), Rungus FM (RFM) and Bayo Productions. 

The movie was good, the storyline is simple and easy to understand also quite interesting. According to the GKGN script writer, Elih Qaboox,  they was able to complete the shooting of the GKGN in 17 days, most of the shooting was done in Kudat area.

The cost for the making of GKGN was almost RM 100K if not more, which I think quite a big sum of money. We hope that this will be a starting point for the production of more telemovies or movies from Rungus community  in the future.

According to Jelani Hamdan, the major driving force for him to produce this GKGN this time is not all about making money but  just to get it started, otherwise it will never get started. This is also a learning stages/field for the crew members to produce more and better movies in the future.

When asked why the movies was considered as Rungus Telemovie when it is only about 2% in Rungus language, he said "While we are very much into promoting Rungus language and culture, we are also taking into account the commercial value of the telemovie" According to him he wants people to watch and enjoy the telemovie rather than reading subtitle. "However the fact that the title of the GKGN is in Rungus language speaks volume that this telemovie also as a tool to promote Rungus language" he said.

When asked about the next project, Jelani Hamdan announced that their next telemovie is Mr. Kantalan @ Gatalan. The storyline and script for it is still being done. The shooting  for the next telemovie will be in Kudat, Penang and Manila, Philipines. We are looking forward for the next telemovie.

In this telemovie GKGN, the actors and actresses amongst others are Natalia Charles, Ronn Langad, Ferensi Feron, Leez AF, Francis Baharun, Salinda Sawailah, Noni AF, Jainah Makansim, Junaidah Tiaya, Syarifuddin, Jose Modsinupu, Reavey Vincent, Nelson and Stanly. Noni AF attended the GKGN launching. She was looking so beautiful. I will upload one of her photos later. I will need to get a better camera as my Kodak compact camera (point & Shoot) failed me tonight to get Noni AF's beautiful photos.
The overall rating for GKGN is very good. Of course there are things here and there that need some improvement in their next movie. Since this is a first telemovie, we shouldn't blame them for those minor issues and we believe that there are always a room for improvement. Nothing is perfect. I watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa and I noticed that there are also things that I was not happy about and KRU is one of the best movie producer in Malaysia. So we should not start comparing this telemovie with those movie from KRU Production and so on.

I think the last word is, I would like to say CONGRATULATION to Jelani Hamdan and all GKGN crew members. You guys did a well-done job.

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  1. Pinsan Sunduvan, I will reblog this ok?

  2. Nikhmedia, yes please reblog it. Thanks

  3. I read this on the front page of Daily Express this morning.

    Well done for a decent work & full credit to everyone involved!

  4. Yes..indeed. Hopefully there will be more movies from Rungus community in the future. they did a good job.


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