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Is Google Adsense available for Africa?

The answer is YES! Provided that your blog or website is in English language. Since Google Adsense is not yet available in any African languages, you will have to run or blog or webpages in English language to make money with Adsense in Africa.

To prove that African may earn online income from Adsense here is a story from a person from African who manage to make money online with Adsense in Africa. And I visited his blog frequently, he wrote all his blog post in English.

Is Google Adsense working for Africa
By Oluniyi D. Ajao -www.
I joined the Google Adsense as way back as 2004 and have been earning some residual income from that publisher program since then. I currently reside in a West African country and I consider myself qualified to comment on a blog post by Mambe Nanje Churchill, a Cameroonian IT enterpreneur: “Google Adsense is not working in Africa“.

Mambe complains about the fact that he has earned only $2 per week from Google Adsense and is of the opinion that Google is biased towards residents of African countries in the sense that they earn less, when compared to their counterparts in the United States of America. He is right, but only to an extent. There are several factors that determine how much one earns from Google Adsense and the geographical location of the website users is one of the determining factors. I’d explain in clear terms: A website that has US residents as its core audience will have several more ads to display and more revenue per ad click than a website that has residents of Cameroon as its core audience even if they both have the same number of website visitors and same number of ad clicks. I do not have any reason to agree to the suggestion that the location of a website owner is factored into the earnings from Adsense.

It could be difficult for a website owner living in Cameroon to attract a core US audience. Since the content is more likely to be directly related to Cameroon, it is more likely the website will have a Cameroonian core audience. Logically, such a website cannot attract as many adverts from Google Adsense and even the ads that appear will fetch less earnings as compared to a website that has a core US audience. This imbalance is not determined by Google, but by the market forces from within their Google Adwords program. There is a high number of Google Adwords adveritisers who would only target a local audience. The number of advertisers targetting the USA is high, and so are those ad rates. Many e-businesses advertising via Google Adwords would rather target residents of USA, Canada, western Europe, Japan, Australia and other rich economies since they are more likely to earn a high return-on-investment. Any savvy advertiser will only target a global audience or any particular countries when there is a strong reason to do so.

This talk about the location of the website users is not as important as the amount of daily traffic a website generates. Thus, a website with only 10 daily visitors cannot generate much revenue by way of Google Adsense even if all users were in the USA, Nigeria, or any other country. There are several other factors that determine one’s earnings from Google Adsense but I am limiting this blog post to the ones relevant to this discussion: publisher location and traffic.

Google Adsense still stands out as one of the best means of monetizing a website as of today – whether for news/feature publishers, e-commerce stores owners, bloggers etc, the potential for a huge income still remains but one must do things right to earn high.

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