Ahad, 16 Oktober 2011


I seldom write a review about other people blog, but this time I'm going to introduce to you one particular blog that I think pretty interesting. I know many of you are looking for some latest information about Rungus community as well as Kudat. I stumbled upon this particular blog several months ago, and, ever since I wanted to write something about this blog but haven't had some free time to really sit down and write about MATUNGGONG KINI blog. 

Yes.. I'm talking about Matunggong Kini blog. I had a nice chit chat with the person  behind Matunggong Kini during the launching of the first Rungus telemovie Ginavoku Ginavonu. The person behind Matunggong Kini is one of the Ginavoku Ginavonu crew members. He is one of the best photographer from Rungus community.

So what is so special about Matunggong Kini blog? I can't list them down here, but one thing for sure this blog is updated regularly with some fresh news items related to Kudat and Rungus people.

The blog covers almost every issues such as politics, economics, socials, entertainment and many more. If you ask me, I'm happy to recommend you Matunggong Kini to be one of your must read blog.

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