Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Rungus Associations

I must say that the Rungus people are developing at an amazing speed. It was reported in many newspapers in Malaysia that the Rungus people is the poorest community in Malaysia. I beg to differ, this statement is not accurate. May be next time  I should write something on that issue.  At the time I wrote this piece, Jelani Hamdan a Rungus had just launched Ginavoku Ginavonu the first Rungus telefilm. Still there are talks in town that the telefilm should not be labeled as Rungus telefilm as only 20% of the language used in that telefilm is in Rungus language.

We should not missed the most important message behind it. I'm of the opinion that, since it was produced by Jelani Hamdan a Rungus and the president of Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA), it is a Rungus telefilm. After all, it was never labelled as Rungus language telefilm. Can we agree on that? I don't care if you don't agree. I'm entitle to my personal opinion. Sometime, we should learn to agree to disagree.

Since we mentioned SAMORA, let talk something about Rungus associations. At the time I typed away this piece, we have at least four if not more Rungus associations namely Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (SAMORA), Rungus Cultural Association (RCA), Sabah Rungus Cultural and Heritage Association (SARUCHA) and PIISAAN. Three of them are newly formed while SAMORA has been around for many years already. 

What is the big idea talking about Rungus Association? There are coffee shop talks going around, about some people complaining/questioning why there is too many associations for Rungus. After all the total number of Rungus people is only around 300 thousands. That  figure is what had been published in the newspaper. You may think 300 thousand is just a small number, while some people consider that is a big number. 

So question remains, what is the point of having many Rungus associations. If you ask me, I have no problem with having many Rungus associations. I'm taking it in a more positive manner. Many associations means many organisation to turn to for help, to compliment each other and doing other things which probably not covered/done by the other association. One association surely will not be able or capable to cover wide ranges of issues related to Rungus community.

Having said the above, each association should concentrate on doing specific thing and develop/help bring out the best of that specific thing for the betterment/improvement of Rungus community.  Eventually, that association (it members) will become so expert about that specific thing/item that we can consider them expert on that field. If we could achieved that stage, we will be more organized and probably the government will be more attentive to our requests in the future.

However, those Rungus association president should not drag around the association entrusted on you into politics. Association shall remain free of politics. So do we need more association for Rungus community? My answer is a big YES.

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