Jumaat, 28 Oktober 2011

Traveling to Hanoi or New Delhi?

Black Hmong, Sapa Valley
I'm trying to reach to a decision whether to take on Hanoi or New Delhi this coming December 2011 for my year-end holiday. It is a decision that is hard to make. I'm so much interested to visit Hanoi but at the same time getting to visit the off the beaten track in Leh India is equally interesting. Leh is located in the northern part of India, sharing border with Tibet.

While Hanoi is also pretty interesting to visit. Getting to Sapa Valley in the northwest of Hanoi where the Black Hmong (people/tribe who live on the mountainous area)  is something I'm interested to do as well. But experiencing the winter on the highland region of Tibet is much more interesting and more adventurous to do.

Now I'm pretty close to a decision to visit New Delhi, but upon the realisation that getting to Leh is not easy as it will takes many days on bus navigating the most dangerous road in the world, that forced me put the plan as KIV.
Leh City, India

So what now? Where should I go? I'm still doing extensive research on where to go. But time is running out, I must make the decision soonest possible so that I can purchase the flight ticket while it is still cheap. Emm.. what a thing to do ehh.. :P

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  1. Yes, it is decided. I'm going to Hanoi. Flight ticket KL-Hanoi-KL is only about RM 400 at the moment. I think that is pretty much affordable.


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