Isnin, 21 November 2011

ATM machines in Sapa Valley Hanoi

I'm still preparing myself mentally and financially for my trip to Hanoi this year. There are several things that I need to confirm.

The first thing is ATM Machines facility in Sapa Valley. Sapa Valley in the Northern province of Hanoi is my must visit area. I was looking for much more information about several items such as accommodation, transportation and ATM machines in Sapa Valley.

I managed to get enough information about accommodation and the mode of transportation to get in and out of Sapa Valley but not the ATM Machines. So right until now, I'm still not sure whether there are ATM machines facility in Sapa.

The thing is I don't want to have too much cash with me while on the move due to security reason. I normally only take out cash from ATM when I'm running out of cash. I'm not sure how much cash to prepare for my journey to that mountainous Northern Region of Hanoi.

I was looking for some clue from about ATM Machine in Sapa but there was none. So I guess I will need to really calculate the cost for a 3 days stay in Sapa Valley. I don't want to stuck there not being able to pay for transport, rooms and meals. That is going to be a very troublesome moment and I don't wish to experience it.

Now the next question is since there are no ATM machine facility in Sapa, how much cash do I need to prepare for the trip? Good question. May be I should calculate to cost for the train, bus and hotel to get some idea how much the whole trip to Sapa will cost me.

I need some help here. If some of you who read this blog post have some information about ATM machine in Sapa Valley and the approximate cost for a 3 days 2 nights in Sapa Valley please share them here. I seriously need some information about it. 

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