Selasa, 8 November 2011

Black Magic in Sabah

Yes and No. Some of my friends asked me, is black magic exist and still being practiced in Sabah. My answer was Yes and No.

Yes. Black magic indeed still exist and being practiced in Sabah. At least some people still resorting to it to accomplish certain thing. The most popular one is employing black magic to attract a women or improving your business.

This type of black magic is often referred to as 'Pugai' in local term. 

No. Black magic still exist but no longer popular or practiced. Since most people now believe in their respective religion, black magic users are also reducing dramatically to almost zero. So now at least you feel more comfortable visiting places in Sabah without have the feeling that somebody may employ black magic on you.

But I was told, black magics are still practiced in the interior of Sabah. I don't know how true it is but we hope that is only a hearsay. 

Last month, one of my friend told me that she got the feeling that somebody employed black magic on her. I adviced her to see somebody who has the ability to confirm it. She went and came back with the news that she was indeed under some sort of black magics sent by some one. 

The Ustad told her that she need to keep coming back to see him for 40 days for treatment.  I went there a couple of time with her just to confirm. And it was.

I wonder why some people are still keeping black magics with them. So black magics does exist in Sabah.

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