Jumaat, 18 November 2011

Google Panda kills millions pro bloggers?

The story about Google Panda has been around for many months now. Most of the stories are all about the huge blows bloggers received after the Google Panda updates.

Let begin with some short story about Google Panda. In 2011, Google implemented a new search algorithm called Google Panda. It was introduced and first implemented in February 2011.

In the beginning, Google Panda only affects English Google search engine especially in United States (US) only but then eventually rolled out to international Google search engine in April 2011.

The implementation did not went well to many low quality websites. The impact of the implementation varies. Some website rankings improved and some lost, a huge lost. Hubpages and E zine Articles was amongst other received the biggest blows.

From time to time Google releases new Google Panda versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 in stages. The question remains, do they help to improve some of the lost traffics blogs or things are getting worst after each updates?

Based on my observation, my site sunduvan.com still not able to recover from the blows it recieved from Google Panda updates. I lost page ranking on many keywords. Still trying to recover and it took me already so many months.

The first thing I did after the punishement from Google Panda was to remove those non-performing ads blocks from my webpage. So as you see, this site now is pretty clean compared to it was before. However, things are still pretty bad

So the next solution I tried was to write original and quality contents. This seems to be a hard job to do but then blogging is my hobby so I will just have to endure it.

Recovering from Google Panda is not easy. Huge tasks awaiting ahead but hopefully things will be better. Now I managed to get back some traffics but it is still not enough.

After the Google Panda updates, I realized that Google wants a websites with useful information and less ads. Having said so, the term of 'content is King' is still the cardinal rules. Quality contents are still the most important.

One thing for sure, after the Google Panda, we noticed that millions of bloggers were nearly killed and now struggling hard to get back on their feet.

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