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How to create unique and valuable content for Adsense site (Must Read)

I often asked whether or not it is possible to make some side income with blog using Adsense program. Each time, I find it difficult to give the answer.

I can say something like "Oh yes! It is possible and easy" but when in fact it is not easy and huge amount of works are required before you are able to make any decent income from Adsense.

But at the same time, I also find it difficult to say "It is not possible, don't even try it as you are just wasting your time" when there are so many people out there are in fact making some decent income from Adsense.

But I think my final answer to this question is YES. I  haven't been able to make much income from Adsense so far, but, I can see it is possible. Just that you will have to work hard and willing to wait a little longer before you can see the real thing.

Recently, Adsense team published 'Policy Tips - Creating Unique and valuable content' for Adsense publisher here. This should be taken as your most important guide to make money with Adsense.

After reading through the whole article, I'm of the opinion that it is indeed a publisher should subscribe to the idea that 'Content is King' to make money online with Adsense.

Publishers as much as possible must try to write an original contents for their blog or website. That's mean, one must write and not 'copy and paste' other people article into their blog.

I think Google search engine is pretty smart nowadays. The search engine knows which articles was the original one and which one is not.

Making money online is not something you can do over night. Seriously, you need to work hard and non-stop. Treat it as a serious job.

Since content is the king, you must write original content on topics that might interest you. Information rich webpages or blog with original content is what Google loves the most.

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