Sabtu, 5 November 2011

Rungus NCR Land.

Recently, there was a news from Sandakan about a Pengerusi JKK was arrested and locked up in Beluran police station because he was protesting when a big company came to their kampung to open up and take away the area from them. Rubber trees owned by the kampung people was mercilessly destroyed.

During which, a group of police deployed there not to protect the kampung people but, to help the company so that the company's workers can do their job. The kampung people demanded some letters/prove as to find out who it was gave the approval or rights for the company but the police was not cooperating.

There are so many other similar cases where NCR land was given away to companies, resulting kampung people chased away from their NCR land. Most of the time, the government used government agencies in the name of development to confused the people so that they stay silent and surrender their NCR land.

Many years from now, we will see massive local people displacement all over the state of Sabah. The local will soon finds themselves become a 'pelarian' in their own kampung. They do not have land for agriculture or to build their house anymore.

After the land is turned into an estate like MESEJ or SLDB, you can't simply go in and plant something or build a house on that land. They will chase you out, far away as possible.

N4 Matunggung now is facing great challenges ahead. I was told that Forestry Department is turning huge area into a Forest Reserve. But there are no that much virgin forest in N4 Matunggung anymore. I was informed that 13 villages has been identified and will become the victim in this exercise by Forestry Department. More people will lose NCR land, resulting more people without land in the future.

And the government use 'environment' as excuses for this exercise. But at the same breath they are going to open up Maliau Basin to become a mining area soon. Aren't the government supposed to preserve/protect Maliau Basin?

If Forestry Department is going ahead with the plan to gazette huge area in N4 Matunggung to become a forest reserve, I can see more Rungus 'merempat' in their very own land in Matunggung.

What is next? It is time to show the people power. N4 Matunggung has been under PBS/Barisan Nasional (BN) far too long already. I can see this is the reason why they are daring enough to do anything in N4 Matunggung. May be in their eyes, the Rungus people is easy to dealt with. I once overheard some coffee shop talk about Pairin have said '..di N4 Matunggung letak anjing bertanding sana pun boleh menang asal atas tiket PBS'. I don't know whether it is true or not, but if it is true, this is an insult to our intelligent!

This is simply means, we the people in N4 Matunggung can't even differentiate between human and dog. So here we are, receiving the end-result of our faithful support to PBS all this while, more and more NCR land is going away from the very hand of our people.

Now as I said earlier, we must unite and demonstrate the 'people power'. If we need to change the government to protect what is belong to us, let just do it. How long more do we need to wait? Until everything are taken away from us?

If we were to protect what is dear and important to us, we should act now. We should unite and help each other. If we need to raise fund to bring those NCR land issues to the court of law, we share the cost. If we need to go down on the road marching to Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) to protest, we do it together regardless of your political inclination. We are struggling and fighting for common cause, protecting our NCR land for our next generation. I don't want that one day, the future generation of Rungus start questioning why we did not fight during our time to ensure NCR lands can be passed down to them. They will remember us as USELESS ancestors. You won't be sleeping peacefully in your grave if that happen.

So let us begin with the first step. Let us unite, teach them some lesson to be more respectful to our rights. Rights to own a land, rights to call our kampung as home.

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