Khamis, 8 Disember 2011

Google Gmail Account Verification Code

Since yesterday, I noticed that Google Gmail email interface has gone through some changes and also introduced Google Gmail account verification code that will be sent direct to your mobile phone. This has improved Gmail loading speed and your email account security.

For those who has not added their mobile phone number to your Gmail email account you should consider doing it now to increase/enhanced your email account security.

With this new features Google will send verification code to your mobile phone when you login into your email account. You will have to key-in the verification code sent to your mobile phone to verify the account before you are allowed to login.

Although this is quite annoying having to key-in verification code to verify your email account every time to check your email but this is necessary since there are millions emails account are hacked everyday by hackers around the world. I'm sure you don't want somebody to hack your email account right?

Thanks Google for this new security features for Google Gmail account.

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