Ahad, 4 Disember 2011

How much cost to travel to Sapa Valley

I spent the whole day today looking for some travel gears for my upcoming holiday to Vietnam. Sapa Valley is one of my must-visit place in Vietnam.

I bought myself a new hiking shoes and a small backpack for the trip. But one more thing I need to find out. It is the total cost for my trip to Sapa Valley. I wrote about ATM facilities in Sapa Valley last time, but up until now nobody reply so I took is as it is confirmed that there is no ATM facilities in Sapa Valley.

If such, I need to prepare enough cash with me for my trip to this part of Vietnam. I don't want to find myself stucked there on the mountain having to beg for a free meal and accommodation and for a train ride back to Hanoi. 

So how much is enough for the trip? I did some research and the following is what I found out.

Train fares from Hanoi - Lao Chai: USD 30-USD40 / 4 berths sleeper cabin
Cost for accommodation in Sapa Valley: USD12.00 - USD 45.00

So the total cost for your trip is based on how many days you will be up there in Sapa Valley. Of course you will need to prepare extra cash for shopping, meals and probably for tour guide for your hiking trip around Sapa Valley. 

I think the most important things is the cost for the train (return) and accommodation in calculating the total cash you need to prepare for the trip. The rest is optional.

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