Selasa, 20 Mac 2012

Lynas a New Killing Machine in Malaysia?

So Lynas Corporation Ltd will be having thier rare earth processing plant here in Malaysia after all. People are protesting, rally after rally was organised by many environmental NGOs but solution to this fiasco is still far away from our reach.

Some people probably will have this question, why are people protesting? Isn't it good to have this rare earth processing plant for more job opportunities and development? But what about the radioactive that coming with it, an element very harmful to our health and environment. Where are they going to store/dump the residual/wastes are equally important question.

Ohh yes..I agree with you that this Lynas will provide some jobs but should  not forget about the long term environmental impacts of rare earth processing activities. It is like  a new killing machine, no doubt about it. 

We were told that it should be OK. Everything are fine, government will monitor the activities all the time. BUT, you and me know it so well that this government of the day are just so good in promising and lip services. There are so many example where government failed so miserably to monitor anything. One fine example is Sabah is flooded with illegal visitors. Nothing the government has done about it BUT promise.  In fact some people in the coffee shop says this illegal immigrants in Sabah was a result of the 'Project IC' orchestrated by the ruling government. I don't know how true but if the government is so irresponsible, how can we trust them on Lynas?

Lynas was rejected by the people of Australia. There are no reason why we must accept it. And the government is so irresponsibly by allowing them to operate here despite the people objection.

Every souls in Malaysia should be given chance to a correct information about the BAD of Lynas rare earth processing plant. The voices of the people should be heard. We must not allow this new killing machine to operate in Malaysia. Yes.. we should unite to object it.

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