Sabtu, 17 Mac 2012

StudyMalaysia Education Fair 2012 in Sabah Failed!

Failed! that is how I rate StudyMalaysia Education Fair 2012 in Sabah today 17th March 2012. No.. I'm not in anyway belittling or badmouthing StudyMalaysia but look, I was one of the participants and we paid for the exhibition booth, not one lot but two (2) lots and that cost a fortune to the company where I work with.

You probably will ask me, the reason why? The people or students turn-out was so poor. Crowd was very little and we are expecting big crowd as we are there to promote something and getting as much students database as possible.

And up until 4.30pm the crowd wasn't getting any bigger, in fact getting very poor. Compare to last year, this year StudyMalaysia Education Fair 2012 in Kota Kinabalu was a big failure.

Hopefully tomorrow gonna be better, otherwise all exhibitor or participants will have a very good reason to demand a money return from StudyMalaysia or no more next year for them. We wish to hear some good explanation from StudyMalaysia about the poor crowd turn-out this year. 

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  1. Could partly be due to lack of promotion. Apart from some buntings along the road, there was practically nothing done by the organiser.


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