Khamis, 24 Mei 2012

Cheating wife caught red-handed

A man shared his story of going to Geylang with his 16-year-old daughter to tail his wife, who is having an affair.

Mr Chen (48, technician) laments that his wife, a 42-year-old hairstylist, has left home for more than a year and has abandoned their children.

He had suspected that his wife had got to know a man in his 50s, on a casino ship in 2009.

After an incident where he witnessed his wife and the man singing intimately together in a karaoke, his wife went missing by not showing up for work and changing her phone number.

After five months of searching, Mr Chen decided to engage a private investigator for help and found out that his wife had gone to co-habit with that man.

On top of that, the man's mistress had called Mr Chen's family to inform them about their mother having an affair.

The mistress told them that she has been with that man for 16 years and he is married with two adult daughters.

She had also been supporting the unemployed man and giving him money all these years.

Ironically, the woman had called with the intention of confronting Mr Chen's wife for having an affair with that man.

With information from the private investigator, Mr Chen took to tailing his wife, with his eldest daughter in tow, in hopes of catching the adulterous couple red-handed.

He has since witnessed his wife and the other man going in and out of a Geylang apartment acting like a couple.

He has also taken video recordings to prove that she is having an affair should their divorce go to court.

He received a lawyer's letter from his wife in December last year, asking for a divorce and to sell their house and split their assets.

Mr Chen's daughter is concerned with the request and asked, "Then where will my siblings and I stay?"

According to Mr Chen, he had bought their five-room flat seven years ago and it is now worth about S$400,000.

His wife had forked out only S$4,000 for the flat at that time and had never helped to pay the loans.

"But now she wants a share of the house and didn't even consider the interests of the children!" exclaimed Mr Chen.

Published March 22 2012

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