Ahad, 27 Mei 2012

David Beckham takes 40 percent pay cut!

Oh wow.. this is rather shocking news. But then again he is already so rich by now. It seems he is already aware that he is already past his prime.

The British celebrity footballer is no longer Major League Soccer's highest-paid player after his salary was cut nearly 40 per cent in his new contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The former England captain has a base salary of US$3mil (RM9mil) this year and guaranteed compensation of US$4mil (RM12mil), according to figures released by the MLS Players Union.

His previous base salary had been US$5.5mil (RM16.5mil) with total annual compensation of US$6.5mil (RM19.5mil) under a US$32.5mil (RM97.5mil), five-year contract that expired after the 2011 season.

New York's Thierry Henry became the league's highest-paid player, with a base salary of US$5mil (RM15mil) and total compensation of US$5.6mil (RM16.8mil).

Source: Agencies

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