Selasa, 5 Jun 2012

Luke Magnotta a Cannibal suspect arrested while googling himself

The 29-year-old Canadian suspected of a gruesome murder act, which involved dismembering body parts and eating the flesh of his ex-gay lover , was arrested.

The Sun reported that he was nabbled in Berlin while googling news reports about himself, following a tip-off by an cafe employee.

Witnesses said Luke Magnotta, wanted by Interpol, was wearing sunglasses and a black hooded jacket, was surfing the internet, checking email messages and on an online war- gaming site.

Police said he did not resist arrest.

When an officer asked, “Are you the wanted man?”

Magnotta allegedly replied: “Yes, that’s me.”

The arrest brought to an end an international trawl spanning thousands of miles involving hundreds of police officers across two continents.

Magnotta, a gay-porn actor, is also suspected to be behind a cruel series of kitten-killing videos posted online.

Source: The Sun

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