Selasa, 5 Jun 2012

Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam?

Love story between Marsha Milan Londoh and her boyfriend Mr. Z has surface all over the internet recently. It was reported in that Marsha Milan Londoh 26, had already took Mr.Z to see her parent in Sabah last December 2010.

This news has sparked the speculation about Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam since Mr. Z is a Malay and also a Muslim.

Whether she is going to converts to Islam is her rights. I think we all Sabahan had done our best to put her at where she is now. Yeah.. we spent so much money sending SMS votes for her during the Akademi Fantasia.

According to, Mr.Z was in Sabah to visit Marsha's family last December 2010 during her birthday party.

Are they going to get married soon? According to Marsha, the two of them do not have any planning into it yet but she said that she prefer Malay guy.

So the news about Marsha Milan Londoh converts to Islam is still just a rumors. Let us not to talk too much about it for the time being.

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