Rabu, 13 Jun 2012

Vuross Media from Nothern Region of Sabah

Wendy Patin, Pitas
I was surfing the internet when I came across with a blog post in Matunggungkini.blogspot.com about Vuross Media. What made me so  interested in this particular blog post is about the planning to get the 4 Unduk Ngadaus from the northern region of Sabah namely Kudat, Banggi, and Matunggung to appear on Vuross Media Magazine that soon to be produced by PuruvanJaya. Sdn Bhd.

If this is materalised, it is a good start to promote the magazine. I really think those Unduk Ngadaus from nothern region of Sabah are beautiful, well, that is my personal oppinion after having a look at thier pictures.  Take a look at those pictures above.

Who will buy?

Actually I'm quite excited waiting for the first volume of Vuross Media magazine. I believe the magazine is going to be a blast  and the circulation or potential subcribers is quite big. I was thinking about the number of population in the northern region, the market is there. Imagine if every house has one!

The only big question is what will be the contents of the magazine? May be some stories about social, politics, economy, etc. I'm sure there are many news, issues and stories from this particular area that can be carried by the Vuross Media magazine. As we go along, stories from other part of the world can be included in the magazine. Above all, it is a good move in providing up-to-date information to the people of the north.
Unduk Ngadau from Pitas, Kudat, Matunggung and Banggi
So, bring it on. Can't wait to get the first volume of Vuross Media.

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