Isnin, 31 Disember 2012

Download Gangnam Style Game 2 for Android

If you are still looking for more games for your Android, the latest in town should be Gangnam Style Game 2 designed by Sunflower Inc.

The games is both entertaining and funny. So far about 5 million users have downloaded this Gangnam Style Game 2 for Android. You will need Android 2.3.3 or higher to run this game.

The game restores the MV in a classic scene, you control the"hero", in addition to reproduce swept the world riding steps outside, still can be in the elevator wars frog man, with yellow man parking lot of a showdown, or in the bath sauna baths with eldest brother, take him from SEXLADY crotch save! Exaggerated action design will make you laugh, simmer with laughter.

The rhythm of the music and gameplay with a very perfect, also makes the game challenging. Game player heard in "GangnamStyle" , make correct operation will have different incentives, such as invincibility time, acceleration, the double attack and so on.

Based on the experiences from some of the users.. "The game functions well once you have the idea of what to do down. But it does need a real english translation. I.e in the first game slide your finger across the screen to make psy avoid the chickens. In the second use the chickens by holding and releasing when the bar on the right is at its maximum to hit the elevator guy. But in all games avoid hitting psy or your timer will drop and you loose"

Hahaha..sounds fun right? Download Gangnam Style Game 2 for Android HERE

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