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Internet Sacrilege Pakistan Backlash Grows

The news below about the impact of internet sacrilege backlash in Pakistan became a headlines in many newspapers and online news a couple of years ago.

Now the many more types of internet sacrileges coming up every day. How are we going to handle all of it? I think all we have to do and sit back and relax.

The news below happened a couple of years ago in Pakistan as result of internet sacrilege.

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani students took to the streets Thursday as the backlash grew over “sacrilegious” Internet depictions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that saw the authorities block YouTube a day after banning Facebook for similar reason.

Dozens of members of the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami protested in Islamabad, calling for a boycott of Facebook and supporting a government ban of the website.

The protesters originally planned to march on the US embassy, but riot police prevented the crowd from moving toward the heavily guarded diplomatic enclave.

Several hundred students also demonstrated in the central city of Multan.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) blocked access to Facebook Wednesday and YouTube Thursday in the growing row sparked when a private Facebook user asked people to send in drawings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Islam strictly prohibits the depiction of any prophet as blasphemous.

“PTA has directed all concerned operators to shut down website in view of growing sacrilegious contents on it,” it said in a statement. The government regulatory body called on Facebook and YouTube to get in contact to resolve the matter at the earliest opportunity in a manner that “ensures religious harmony and respect”.

Facebook said in a statement Thursday: “We are very disappointed with the Pakistani courts’ decision to block Facebook without warning, and suspect our users there feel the same way. We are analyzing the situation and the legal considerations, and will take appropriate action, which may include making this content inaccessible to users in Pakistan,” it said. – Agencies

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