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Nilai University soft skills training with Dale Carnegie

Soft skills training are now available at Nilai University a training program in partnership with Dale Carnegie. I think this is very important that graduates are equipped with many other skills to get them ready for real world working life.

I came across many graduates attending interview with a very limited soft skills. With this soft skills training programme offered at Nilai University we hope that our graduates are better prepared to take part in the nation development program.

“We want you to be the best in whatever you want to be most. Soft skills are critical for success. That is why we have entered into this collaboration with the world famous Dale Carnegie Trainers. They focus on five ‘drivers of success’ and this will give our students a head start in their professional lives” states Prof Dato’ Dr Sothi Rachagan (Nilai University Vice President of Academic Affairs).

He was speaking to students and staff at the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Nilai University (Nilai U) and the DCT Sdn Bhd (which runs Dale Carnegie Training) at the university’s 105-acre campus. Nilai U is the first domestic tertiary education centre to enter into a partnership with Dale Carnegie.

Under the terms of this strategic partnership, the Dale Carnegie Training programme is made available to all degree level students. Such collaborations are very much part of Nilai U’s philosophy of preparing students to be exemplary employees and model citizens.

“When you apply for a job, employers will want to know what you can do for the organisation. They will want to know what skills you have and whether you will be a valuable addition to their team,” explains Dr Sothi.

Hence, it becomes imperative that students are provided with the opportunity to expand their soft skills. A preview of the Dale Carnegie course was held at the signing ceremony to give students a sample of what to expect.

The ‘five drivers of success’ that will be covered are self-confidence, interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership skills and improving attitude. “It is one thing to claim on your résumé that you have various soft skills and quite another to back it up with a certificate from Dale Carnegie,” says Dr Sothi.

Agreeing with Dr Sothi’s statement was Dato' Wan Hisham Wan Salleh (President and CEO of DCT Sdn Bhd) who assured students that those who attend Dale Carnegie Training will definitely be more marketable than those who do not. He cited a training camp held in Terengganu for unemployed graduates where the Dale Carnegie course was part of the programme.

According to Wan Hisham, those who underwent the Dale Carnegie course were preferred for IT vacancies in Cyberjaya as employers were confident of their communication and other soft skills.

He also says that the Dale Carnegie course is approved and accepted as part of the syllabus in many top US universities, and is recognised by blue chip companies like Sime Darby and Petronas in Malaysia.

“Congratulations to Nilai U for taking the brave step in becoming the first domestic university to sign up with us and to do what is best for your students. I am sure many more universities will be following in your footsteps,” concludes Wan Hashim.

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