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Sunway University Interior Design Students Artwork Recognised

One of Sunway University Interior Design student, Goh Ee Leng won the prestigious Tanjong Heritage Art Competition 2012 won the the third prize. Diploma Interior Design at Sunway University is one of the best in the country.

Diploma in Interior Design student, Goh Ee Leng submitted his artwork in the Mixed Media category during the Tanjong Heritage Art Competition 2012 and won the third prize, walking away with cash worth RM 1,000. His submission, an illustration of an elderly man preparing a cup of coffee sketched on coffee stains was his representation of a Malaysian heritage.

The Tanjong Heritage Art Competition 2012, organised by Tanjong Public Limited Company is a platform for students who are filled with vibrant talent and skills to showcase their creativity through art. Goh who found his inspiration during a casual ‘mamak’ session with his friends said, “I wanted to create an image that would take people back to a time where they would have a nostalgic memory of Malaysia. This is why I used techniques such as smudging, pencil rendering and coffee stains to illustrate a time still image.”

Although Goh is currently studying Interior Design at Sunway University, he believes whatever he has learnt throughout his course had further amplified his artwork during the competition. “I learn about principles of design, for example balance, and contrast during lecture. Having added knowledge in foundation does influence the final results of my artwork,” he said.

Goh related his experience studying at Sunway, “The course is challenging but it pushes me to adjust to its demands as I have learnt time management skills and how to make changes to my lifestyle. I have good teachers who consistently coach me and maintain a good relationship with them. They are also always available for consultation whenever their support is needed.”

The diploma course, parked under the Department of Art & Design (DAD) in the Faculty of Arts at Sunway University, constantly encourages students to participate in external competitions to hone their existing skills.

Hopefully after this there are more and more student will be interested to take up Interior Design course to get more talented individual in this field.

Currently, our country is still lacking and needs more trained and qualified individual in the field of interior design.

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