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The Tenby Schools SiWu Scholarship Award

So we know you many of you are looking for scholarship to further your studies. studying without scholarship is hard as the tuition fees are very high, many cannot afford to pay for it.

For those of you who are still looking for scholarship The Tenby Schools SiWu Scholarship Award 2013 is available.

I think it is good to share this information with you. Read on for more information about this scholarship opportunity.

The Tenby School SiWu Scholarship Award 2013

Organisation Type: Private Sector / Organisation
Fund Type: Scholarship
Detailed description   
The SiWu Scholarship Award was established by the late Dato’ Lim Keng Kay (Dato’ KK Lim), founder of Tenby Schools in loving memory of Lim Si Wu, the youngest son of Dato’ KK Lim and his wife, Datin Stella.

The establishment of the Trust arose from Dato’ KK Lim’s deep conviction that it is through the education of, and interaction between, the young in their formative years, that people of different races, cultures, religions and nationalities can come to understand and respect one another, working towards the Tenby Vision of “A United World At Peace – Through Education”. The trust provides financial support for teacher training and scholarships to support the education of deserving students at Tenby Schools.
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of either overall academic performance or exceptional talent in the performing arts or sport.

Scholarships are available:
1. To both Malaysian and international students where the payment of school fees is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.
2. For the period from which the student joins Form 4 (placement in 2013) to the end of Form 5 subject to:
* The scholarship holder remaining as a student of the school
* An annual review of progress of the student

Criteria for the award of scholarships based on overall academic performance
1. Provision of a completed Application Form and supporting documentation
2. Evidence of past academic performance e.g. UPSR, PMR, school reports
3. Record, supported by evidence, of co-curricular and out-of school activities
4. A testimonial from the student’s current Head Teacher/Principal
5. An interview with the Principal (or the Principal’s delegate). The interview will be in two parts, firstly with the student and his/her parent/guardian and secondly with the student alone).

Criteria for the award of scholarships based on exceptional talent
The criteria will be as for scholarships based on academic ability plus supporting evidence of the exceptional talent. This may include a recital or performance.

Scholarships based on exceptional talent will only be awarded when the school is confident that it can support the student in the continued development of the talent and the student in turn will use his or her talent to contribute to school activities and events.

Decisions on the award of scholarships
Decisions on the award of scholarships will be made by the School Board of Tenby Schools (in the respective locations) based on recommendations from the Principal The decisions of the School Board on the award of scholarships are final and not subject to appeal.

The Scholarship Award
A full scholarship covers the costs of the termly school fees and is subject to a review at the end of each year. In addition the registration fee and application fee are waived. The payments of the standard deposit and examination fees are required. The Scholarships Board may on occasion determine to award a half-scholarship to a student. This will cover half of the costs of the termly school fees, but otherwise will be the same as a full scholarship.

A scholarship may be terminated at the end of any year if, in the view of the School Board, the student is clearly failing to achieve the expected standards. The scholarship may be terminated at any time if the student fails to abide by the school policies, procedures or expectations of behaviour and study.

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