Bunuh pondan dihukum mati

KUALA LUMPUR - Genap lima hari selepas ulang tahun kelahiran ke-23, seorang pemungut besi buruk hari ini dihukum gantung sampai mati oleh Mahkamah Tinggi di sini selepas didapati bersalah atas tuduhan membunuh seorang lelaki berpakaian wanita, empat tahun lalu.

Hakim Datuk Su Geok Yiam menjatuhkan hukuman tersebut terhadap V. Raja selepas mendapati pembelaan tertuduh bahawa dia tertidur sepanjang kejadian itu kerana mabuk, gagal menimbulkan sebarang keraguan munasabah terhadap kes pendakwaan.

Theft on planes

How many of you who thinks being on the  plane is 100% safe from theft? If you do, think again next time you travel on a plane.

Criminal gangs have resorted to stealing from passengers on aeroplanes, police say.

While one case of theft on planes was recorded in 2011, 18 such reports have been received so far this year.

The thefts occur mostly on regional flights, and some of the thieves are suspected to be syndicate members from China, who work in groups of three or four.

Landslide in Ambon kills at least three

Ambon. Three residents were killed after a landslide choked full of garbage smashed into their houses and buried them early on Sunday, a village chief said.

The fatalities were identified as Noor Nirahuwa and her grandchild, Putri Nirahua and Evy Karual, Kudamati village chief, Herman Tetelepta said, adding that the accident occurred at 2:50 a.m. on Sunday following heavy rain.

“The SAR team searched for the victims slowly because they were trapped in three houses that were buried under the hoards of garbage,” Herman said.

Black times at BlackBerry as RIM poised for big layoffs

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is reportedly preparing for a major restructuring beginning in the next couple of weeks that will see it eliminate between 2000 and 6000 jobs worldwide.

The layoffs were reported by the Globe and Mail on Saturday, citing unnamed sources.

The Canadian newspaper, citing several people close to the company, reported that the next round is layoffs is said to be planned for around June 1 - a day before the smartphone maker's first quarter ends - but some expect the announcement even earlier.
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David Beckham takes 40 percent pay cut!

Oh wow.. this is rather shocking news. But then again he is already so rich by now. It seems he is already aware that he is already past his prime.

The British celebrity footballer is no longer Major League Soccer's highest-paid player after his salary was cut nearly 40 per cent in his new contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Zhang Yongming 'Canibal Monster' Man makes meat of 20 teens

Have you ever eaten human meat? It seems many had tasted it in Southwest China when one guy sold human meat of 20 teens.

Police in southwest China have detained a man suspected of murdering more than a dozen boys and young men, chopping up their bodies and selling the flesh to unsuspecting consumers.

Zhang Yongming, 56, was detained two weeks ago in Nanmen village in Yunnan province and is being investigated over the murder of a 19-year-old man in late April, the Guangxi News website reported.

Xiao Sa a Dog travels over 1,700km to Lhasa

A stary dog has been following a team of cyclists for 20 days over 1,700 kilometres from Sichuan province to Lhasa in Tibet, China.

Nobody knows where the white dog came from or how long she has been wandering on the road, said Zhang Heng - a 22-year-old student from Wuhan in Hubei province.

He was riding to Lhasa with his buddies when they met the lonely dog on May 4.

‘Borneonisation’ suit to go ahead

KOTA KINABALU: The “Borneonisation suit” brought by two Sabahans against the Federal and State governments, for failing to Borneonise federal agencies in Sabah passed its first test yesterday when the High Court rejected a government application to throw out the case.

Justice David Wong Dak Wah dismissed the application of both the first and second respondents’ to strike out the suit brought by the duo last year. He fixed June 18 as a new mention date for the case which will test the relevancy of Sabah’s special rights and autonomy in the Federation of Malaysia.

Lady Gaga concert in Bali?

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika said he would not mind if the planned concert of Lady Gaga was moved from Jakarta to Bali, as long as the police guaranteed security at the event.

"I think it`s no problem, if they are willing to follow our regulations. It should not disturb the norms existing in Bali and Indonesia," the governor said here on Tuesday, in response to suggestions that the concert be held in Bali.

Chairman of the Bali Regional Legislative Council (DPRD)`s Commission I I Made Arjaya earlier said Bali was ready to host Lady Gaga`s concert.

"Although it was turned down in Jakarta, it`s different in Bali. We are open. Just move the concert to Bali. We are in fact happy because Bali will become more famous," he added.

"The visit of Lady Gaga, a singer who is famous among young people throughout the world, will help promote Bali`s tourism," Made Arjaya explained.

"We welcome her. The visit of Lady Gaga is purely for the sake of arts. We support her concert on this Island of Gods," the politician of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) said.

Ni Made Sumiati, a Balinese female politician, also welcomed the idea of moving the concert to Bali.

"Bali is dynamic, flexible. There is no problem in holding a concert in Bali. And I am sure it will not affect the morality of Balinese people. So why should we be worried?" she said.
(f001/INE )

WWW 1 the most expensive Car Plate No in Malaysia

Vehicle registration number WWW 1 created a record by receiving a RM520,000 bid - the highest ever for a vehicle registration number, surpassing the previous record for MCA 1 which was sold at RM300,100.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said the WWW series also made another record with 13 successful bids worth than RM100,000 each with three of them above RM300,000.

He said the most number of bidders was for WWW 333, by 84 persons.

"Overall, all premium, attractive and popular numbers including running numbers which have sentimental value or meaning to the bidders, have been booked," he said in a statement Thursday.

He said 18,243 applications with bidding value worth RM64,225,838.51 were received during the 15-day bidding period from April 30 and a sum of RM11.3 million in revenue was collected from the bidders, which was 10 times the amount collected from other series sold before this.

Kong said a total of 4,908 numbers in the WWW series were booked while the balance of 5,091 will be running numbers when the WWW series registration opens.

He said the full results of the WWW registration number series would be displayed through the RTD portal (www.jpj.gov.my) this Monday and the official letter on the bidding results would be issued from June 6 2012. - Bernama

PNG deputy PM storms court demanding resignation of Chief Justice

EDMOND ROY: In Papua New Guinea where the government and judiciary have been thrown into fresh turmoil this afternoon after the country's deputy prime minister stormed into the Supreme Court and demanded the arrest of the nation's chief justice.

Police have surrounded the court where the chief justice, Sir Salamo, is holed up in council chambers.

The crisis came to a head when on Monday, Sir Salamo and two other judges ruled for the second time that Sir Michael Somare was the nation's constitutional prime minister.

The government of Peter O'Neill has repeatedly tried to suspend Sir Salamo, whom it accuses of being biased.

I spoke with our PNG correspondent Liam Fox.

Liam what's the latest?

LIAM FOX: The latest is that Sir Salamo is still inside his chambers. There have been negotiations with police for about two hours and the result of that is that police are now prepared to interview him in his chambers rather than arresting him and taking him to a police station.

We were able to speak to Sir Salamo a short time ago; he says he's yet to decide whether he'll partake in that interview. He also said that he fears for his safety; he also fears for democracy in PNG - that what has happened today sets a terrible precedent for PNG in the years to come.

He also said that today's actions with Belden Namah clearly directing police to arrest him shows that the police aren't independent; they're not acting under the command of the police commissioner, but directly under the command of the deputy prime minister Belden Namah.

EDMOND ROY: So do they still recognise him as the chief justice?

LIAM FOX: They do recognise him as the chief justice; they're now trying to remove him. They have attempted to remove him several times over the last six or seven months by formally removing him from office, going through processes in Parliament; they have been stopped by the Supreme Court through stay orders.

At one stage they charged him with perverting the course of justice. The Supreme Court again stayed those proceedings. And these tensions came to a head again following the Supreme Court decision on Monday.

EDMOND ROY: I suppose the heart of it of course is the problem between Michael Somare and Peter O'Neill. Can this be resolved without that problem being resolved in the first place?

LIAM FOX: It's not clear how that could happen. This tension between them, this disagreement over who's the legitimate prime minister has gone on since August last year and it's unlikely, nigh on impossible to see those two getting together and sorting it out.

But what most people in PNG are hoping is that we will now, because the general election is due to be held in late June, that ultimately the people of Papua New Guinea will sort this out.

EDMOND ROY: What are the chances of this spilling out into a wider fight say between the judiciary, the military, the police and so on - which has happened before in PNG?

LIAM FOX: There's certainly a possibility of that happening. It seems at this stage that the majority of the police and the military are behind Peter O'Neill, so it's not apparent that there's any kind of split at the moment, though of course there was a split back in December when this first issue came to a head when the Supreme Court handed down its original decision.

So, as I said it's possible but at this stage unlikely that that could rapidly change in PNG.

EDMOND ROY: Liam Fox speaking from Port Moresby.

EDMOND ROY: Staying in PNG, our reporter Meredith Griffiths managed to speak with Justice Nicholas Kerriwom, in whose chambers the chief justice is now locked in.

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: We are actually locked up in my chambers here in Port Moresby in the court house with chief justice and myself as we await police arresting officer to arrive and we'll be snapped up to interview the chief justice and to arrest him for sedition.

As of last night at 6 o'clock we were given 16 hours by the deputy prime minister to resign or face the consequences and he executed that this afternoon at about 1:30, or 2 o'clock when chief justice was (inaudible) in court. And he stormed in there with a couple of policemen, probably one other minister and started screaming at the chief justice and calling him names and ordering the police to arrest the chief justice.

And as the police headed towards the chief justice who was sitting on the bench he was forced to escape outside, get out of the court room while the associate barricaded the doorway and they chased him all the way to my chambers.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: So who is currently in the chambers with you; who is there?

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: The chief justice and our lawyers.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: And what's the scene outside; do you know how many people are in the court or are near the offices? Do you know what's going on outside your doors?

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: There must be something going on outside; can't be sure - let me see. There was army and police out there - yes they're still out there.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: How many people are outside?

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: I'm not quite sure, I haven't actually stepped out but there was probably over 40 or 50 policemen and defence force personnel with high powered firearms.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: So how is the chief justice, is he okay at the moment?

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: Yes he's okay now, he just finished an interview with the local media and he's now talking with the lawyers waiting for the arresting officer to arrive from the police station. So at least we were able to get the interview done here in the court premises rather than going down to the police station, which we feared very much, cos you don't know what's going to happen down there.

So, the commissioner was kind enough to allow the chief justice to be interviewed in his office by the arresting officer and that's what's happening, so we're waiting for the arresting officer to arrive.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: So are you afraid to leave the chambers at the moment?

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: Well we're actually waiting for lawyers who are checking on things before they can tell us it's safe to move - so at the moment we're still stuck in the chambers.

MEREDITH GRIFFITHS: What does the chief justice say to the deputy prime minister who is calling for him to resign; what's the chief justice's reaction to that?

NICHOLAS KERRIWOM: We're currently appealing to the deputy prime minister to respect the constitution and allow the courts to function and discharge our constitutional responsibilities without fear or favour.

EDMOND ROY: Justice Nicholas Kerriwom speaking to Meredith Griffiths from his chambers at Papua New Guinea's Supreme Court.- ABC

Filipino ex-nanny sues Sharon Stone; star slams claim

LOS ANGELES: A Filipino former nanny of Sharon Stone is suing the US actress for wrongful dismissal and harassment, including by allegedly making derogatory remarks about her ethnicity and religion.

But the star's publicist slammed the lawsuit as "absurd," claiming that the ex-nanny was simply trying to "cash in" on Stone.

In legal papers filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila), Erlinda Elemen claims that the actress equated being Filipino with being stupid, and ordered her not to speak in front of her children so that they would not "talk like you."

The Basic Instinct star also banned Elemen, who was dismissed last year, from reading the Bible in Stone's home, even though she lived with her to look after the actress's three children, and frequently traveled with them.

From August 2010, Elemen "was repeatedly subjected to repeated derogatory comments and slurs by [Stone] related to her Filipino ethnicity and heritage," the 17-page lawsuit said.

"These statements included . . . comments about Plaintiff's Filipino accent [i.e. Plaintiff was instructed to refrain from speaking to the children because Defendant did not want them to 'talk like you'], comments about Filipino food, and comments which equated being Filipino with being stupid," it added.

In addition, Stone "was repeatedly verbally dismissive of Plaintiff's deeply-held religious beliefs, criticized Plaintiff for frequently attending church, and, on one occasion, forbade Plaintiff from reading the Bible . . ." the lawsuit said.

Elemen, who was hired in October 2006 and was promoted to chief live-in nanny two years later, was dismissed in February 2011 after Stone learned that she was paid overtime when traveling with the children and on holidays.

Stone told her nanny that she had no right to overtime pay, and "accused Plaintiff of 'stealing' from her by taking the . . . overtime pay, told Plaintiff that it was 'illegal' . . . to have taken the pay, and asked for the money back."

The lawsuit asks for an unspecified amount for unpaid wages, damages and penalties, and is seeking trial by jury.

But a statement released by Stone's publicist dismissed the legal action.

"This is an absurd lawsuit that has been filed by a disgruntled ex-employee who is obviously looking to get money any way she can," it said.

"After she was terminated approximately one and a half years ago, she filed claims for alleged disability and workers compensation. Now, she is obviously looking for another opportunity to cash in," the statement added.

"This is a frivolous lawsuit for absurd claims that are made up and fabricated. Sharon Stone will be completely vindicated in court," it said.

Last year, the actress was ordered to pay $232,000 in compensation to a worker who injured his knee after slipping and falling in her backyard in 2006. -Manila Times

Indonesian Maid adds menstrual blood to coffee

An Indonesian maid was brought to Singapore court for adding menstrual blood to her employer's coffee cup.

Jumiah, 24, who goes by one name, is said to have committed mischief by adding her menstrual blood into the cup of her 38-year-old male employer at a flat in Choa Chu Kang on Aug 31 last year.

The short and small-built domestic worker, who had been working for the employer for about a year, said through an Indonesian interpreter that she was pleading guilty.

Her case will be mentioned in a week's time.

Bail of S$5,000 (RM12,000) was offered.

Source: The Straits Times/ANN
Published May 24 2012

Cheating wife caught red-handed

A man shared his story of going to Geylang with his 16-year-old daughter to tail his wife, who is having an affair.

Mr Chen (48, technician) laments that his wife, a 42-year-old hairstylist, has left home for more than a year and has abandoned their children.

He had suspected that his wife had got to know a man in his 50s, on a casino ship in 2009.

After an incident where he witnessed his wife and the man singing intimately together in a karaoke, his wife went missing by not showing up for work and changing her phone number.

After five months of searching, Mr Chen decided to engage a private investigator for help and found out that his wife had gone to co-habit with that man.

On top of that, the man's mistress had called Mr Chen's family to inform them about their mother having an affair.

The mistress told them that she has been with that man for 16 years and he is married with two adult daughters.

She had also been supporting the unemployed man and giving him money all these years.

Ironically, the woman had called with the intention of confronting Mr Chen's wife for having an affair with that man.

With information from the private investigator, Mr Chen took to tailing his wife, with his eldest daughter in tow, in hopes of catching the adulterous couple red-handed.

He has since witnessed his wife and the other man going in and out of a Geylang apartment acting like a couple.

He has also taken video recordings to prove that she is having an affair should their divorce go to court.

He received a lawyer's letter from his wife in December last year, asking for a divorce and to sell their house and split their assets.

Mr Chen's daughter is concerned with the request and asked, "Then where will my siblings and I stay?"

According to Mr Chen, he had bought their five-room flat seven years ago and it is now worth about S$400,000.

His wife had forked out only S$4,000 for the flat at that time and had never helped to pay the loans.

"But now she wants a share of the house and didn't even consider the interests of the children!" exclaimed Mr Chen.

Source: www.asiaone.com
Published March 22 2012

Pisang Sabah High Demand From Peninsula

Sabah’s ubiquitous banana is aptly named Saba. But it did not find favour with the people on the peninsula until Najib Razak, the prime minister, had a taste of it. Now demands for Sabah banana or Pisang Sabah in Malay have outstripped supply, according to Yahya Hussin, a deputy chief minister who heads the ministry of agriculture and food industry.

Saba is a hybrid of the genera Musa acuminata and balbisiana of the Cavendish group. Thus it has a mild tangy Cavendish taste. It stands out from other bananas because of its angular sides. It is between 8 and 13 cm long, about the length of a ballpoint pen, and looks rather stubby with a girth of between 2.5 and 5.5 cm. As a plantain, it is usually used to make fritters, chips and cakes.

Najib savoured a Sabah banana fritter during his walkabout at a Gaya Street coffee shop in Kota Kianbalu last year. He seemed to like its unique taste.

Yahya says that his ministry has long asked the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama) to sell Sabah banana on the peninsula. But it was set back by high production and shipping costs which made Sabah banana uncompetitive.

A small trial shipment went to the southern Johor state in 2009 to test the market, followed by another in 2010, according to Sebastian Chew, the director of Fama in Sabah.

And Fama has achieved a breakthrough. Chew tells Insight Sabah that his agency made its maiden commercial shipment of Saba banana to the peninsula in March. And by the end of last month, 180 tonnes of the fruit costing 85,000 ringgit ($27,300) in ten containers have been sold to his peninsular customers.

This year Chew expects to sell about 300,000 ringgit worth of bananas to them, particularly those in Johor state whose banana plantations were hit hard by a mysterious disease in 2008. Manufacturers there turn the bananas into chips and condiments.

In fact, he has weekly orders for 80 tonnes of Saba banana from his peninsular customers. But farmers can only supply him with 40 tonnes every fortnight.

Recently, Fama signed a one-year contract with 150 farmers in Kudat, Kota Marudu, Kota Belud, Keningau and Tenom to grow and supply it with Saba banana. Chew says he can’t reveal the pricing but Fama guarantees the farmers a floor price and quantity.

Kaliwon Edi, an assistant director for permanent crops development in the agriculture department, says there are almost 3,200 hectares under banana cultivation, the second largest making up about 18% of 18,000 hectares of orchards. Durian is the most popular fruit grown on 4,310 hectares.

Only Kota Belud, about 58km from Kota Kinabalu, has the largest orchard of Saba banana at 673.5 hectares. Other districts have other Cavendish varieites. Kaliwon says the bananas can be harvested in nine or 13 months after planting. Farm price of Saba banana varies between 50 and 80 sen a kg, he says, adding that it sells for about 1.50 ringgit a kg in the market.

His department has identified another 50 hectares that are suitable for growing Saba banana. – Insight Sabah

Emanuela Diculik untuk Pesta Seks Polisi Vatikan?

ROMA, KOMPAS.com — Seorang pastor pengusir setan terkemuka Gereja Katolik Roma mengatakan, gadis remaja yang hilang di Roma 30 tahun lalu diculik untuk pesta seks oleh sebuah geng yang melibatkan polisi Vatikan dan diplomat asing. Keberadaan gadis itu ataupun motif penculikannya selama ini menjadi misteri yang belum terpecahkan.

Pater Gabriele Amorth, yang ditunjuk almarhum Paus Yohanes Paulus II sebagai kepala pengusir setan Vatikan dan mengklaim telah melakukan ribuan eksorsisme, mengatakan, Emanuela Orlandi, nama gadis yang hilang itu, kemudian dibunuh dan mayatnya dibuang. Dalam perkembangan terbaru yang tak terduga dari salah satu misteri Takhta Suci yang tak terpecahkan itu, ia mengatakan, siswi berusia 15 tahun itu diculik dari jalanan pusat kota Roma pada musim panas 1983 dan dipaksa untuk terlibat dalam pesta seks.

"Ini adalah kejahatan bermotif seksual. Pesta-pesta diselenggarakan, dengan seorang polisi Vatikan bertindak sebagai 'perekrut' para perempuan. Jaringan itu melibatkan personel diplomatik dari sebuah kedutaan asing untuk Takhta Suci. Saya yakin Emanuela menjadi korban lingkaran ini," kata Pater Amorth, Presiden Kehormatan Asosiasi Pengusiran Setan Internasional, sebagaimana dilaporkan harian Italia, La Stampa, Selasa (22/5/2012).

Perdebatan tentang siapa yang menculik Emanuela dan apa yang terjadi kepadanya telah berlangsung di Italia selama tiga dekade terakhir. Ada dugaan gadis itu dibawa pemimpin geng penjahat terkenal, yang ingin memberikan tekanan kepada para pejabat Vatikan untuk mengembalikan uang yang diduga telah ia pinjamkan kepada mereka. Orangtua gadis remaja itu merupakan karyawan di Vatikan.

Teori lain menyebutkan, gadis malang itu diculik untuk digunakan sebagai pertukaran bagi pembebasan Mehmet Ali Agca dari penjara. Ali Agca adalah pria Turki yang mencoba membunuh Paus Yohanes Paulus II di Lapangan Santo Petrus pada 1981. Pria itu dikatakan sebagai orang suruhan KGB, dinas rahasia Uni Soviet.

Namun, Pater Amorth (85) menolak adanya "dimensi internasional" dalam kasus itu. Ia mengatakan, seorang ahli arsip Vatikan juga telah sampai pada kesimpulan bahwa Emanuela diculik untuk eksploitasi seksual.

Pater Amorth merupakan seorang imam kontroversial dan blak-blakan. Ia pernah memicu kontroversi ketika mengatakan bahwa buku-buku Harry Potter berbahaya karena buku-buku itu mendorong anak-anak untuk percaya kepada ilmu hitam dan sihir.

Pada awal bulan ini, para penyelidik membongkar makam Enrico "Renatino" De Pedis, seorang pemimpin geng, guna membuktikan klaim lama bahwa jenazah Emanuela terkubur bersama jenazah pemimpin mafioso tersebut. Mereka menemukan jenazah Enrico di makam di Basilika Sant Apollinare di Roma dan ingin menyelidiki tulang-tulang di makam lain di dekatnya. Para penyidik mengatakan, tulang-tulang tak dikenal itu mungkin berasal dari awal abad 19, tetapi tulang-tulang itu sedang dianalisa para ahli forensik untuk melihat apakah ada di antaranya yang mungkin milik Emanuela.

Tahun 2005, seorang penelepon anonim di program kejahatan di TV Italia menyatakan, kunci untuk mengungkap penculikan siswi sekolah itu terletak pada makam si mafioso itu, yang tewas ditembak anggota gangster saingannya pada tahun 1990.- Sumber :The Telegrap

Beasiswa The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Untuk Pelajar Indonesia

Kompas.com - The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) kembali membuka program beasiswa untuk program S2 dan S3 bagi para profesional dari negara berkembang. Lamanya studi berkisar antara 12 hingga 36 bulan tergantung institusi.

Tawaran beasiswa ini terutama diberikan kepada para staf universitas, peneliti, atau profesional yang memiliki pengalaman minimal dua tahun dan menguasi bahasa Inggris dengan nilai TOEFL minimum 550.

Kriteria lain yang disyaratkan antara lain berusia maksimal 36 tahun, punya pengalaman kerja minimal dua tahun setelah lulus sarjana, serta nilai akademik minimal 2,75 untuk program master, sementara itu untuk program doktoral IP minimal adalah 3,00.

Bagi Anda yang berminat, pendaftaran bisa dilakukan secara online dan akan ditutup pada 31 Juli 2012. Untuk info lebih lengkap silakan klik www.daadjkt.org - Sumber :ANT

Kelly Matamba - Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2011

Congratulations to Kelly Matamba Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2011. Kaamatan for Matunggong district in Kudat was launched today by Sabah Deputy Chief Minister, Pairin Kitingan.

And, this is the photo of the winner for Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2011, Kelly Matamba from Kampung Tambuluran Kudat. She sure looks so pretty. All the best to her.
Kelly Matamba, Kg. Tabuluran Kudat, Natalia Tiffany Charles,Unduk Ngadau 2010, Kudat AliBaba cafe, new lemongrass reflexology K.kinabaluPhoto: Ms. Kelly Matamba (Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2011) from Kg. Tambuluran Kudat.

Finalist Miss Earth Sabah 2012

Is it always good to see someone who looks beautiful with desire to do something about saving our earth.

This year, once again some one will be crowned as Miss Earth Sabah 2012. I'm looking forward to see who it might be.

Based on Miss Earth page, this beauty pageant organized to emphasis on environmental protection programs and it also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations. Every year, 80 to 90 candidates from all over the world compete on beauty and knowledge of environmental issues.

And for this for this year 12 finalist were selected to compete. For  more Info please visit Miss Earth Sabah 2012 page here.

Are you ready to see all of them? And this time around a Zumba Party will be held in conjuction with Miss Earth Sabah 2012. There will be a Green Charity Zumba Party on 6th June 2012! Sound great inst? Stand a chance to win a tix to attend the Grand Coronation Night on June 16.

So if you are looking for more Miss Earth Finalist 2012 photos visit BeatyJohn.com

Suffering Facebook Addiction Disorder?

Today Facebook is one of the most popular social network portal in the world. It is also one of the biggest webpage or website after Google and Yahoo.

Even Google is having a hard time competing with Facebook. With millions of users surfing Facebook daily, its owner Mark Zukerberg now is one of the richest guy in US.

I believe many of us, including myself is spending way too much time on Facebook everyday.  So do you spend way too much time on Facebook? If so, then you might have Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)! I guess it kinda makes sense. We have Internet Addiction Disorder so, with 900 million users, Facebook Addiction Disorder is the next logical step.

Do you suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder? Share with us your Facebook experiences and comment about this issue. Who knows, your comment and experiences might be of help to others. After all, the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem.