Isnin, 7 Januari 2013

How to Make Your Own Homemade Broadband Antenna to Boost Your Broadband Performances at Home

This is my newly build homemade broadband antenna to boost the performances of my DiGi broadband. I rented an apartment in an area with very poor DiGi network coverage. As a result of it, my DiGi Broadband performances is also very poor, often disconnected or very difficult to connect to the DiGi network.

Having had enough of this situation I came up with a simple solution, which is to build my own homemade broadband antenna to boost my DiGi broadband performance.

This is how I made my DIY homemade broadband antenna.

What are the items needed

1. Buy the "Penapis Mee" or items similar to the one in photo.
2. Buy USB cable 3.0,  1 - 2 Meter. Ideal USB cable length for this purpose. Too long the cable will make the transmission of data from your broadband external modem will be slow to reach your laptop or computer.
3. External broadband modem.

(Note: The box where my homemade broadband antenna is sitting is not part of items that I bought to built the antenna, I just use it as a stand for it. You may use your own creativity to build a stand for your DIY broadband antenna)

How to build it

1. Make a hole in the middle of the items No.1 - refer the photos
2. Tighten it so the cable not moving around or left/right
3. Connect the USB cable to your computer and login to your broadband connection
4. Find the right position for your antenna to received maximum signal. May be put it near the windows or something.

Based on my experiences, with this DIY broadband antenna, my broadband performance was improved and  disconnection from the network has been eliminated completely. The speed of my DiGi broadband has improved as well.

Build your own DIY homemade broadband antenna to boost the performance of your broadband at home. It is very easy and simple.

Good luck in building your own DIY broadband antenna!

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