Selasa, 5 Februari 2013

New York Academy of Sciences and UKM Team Up For Science Research in Malaysia

Many people live their entire life with the dream of winning a Nobel Prize. To help Malaysians capture this highly coveted dream, government launched the Nobelist Mindset Pilot Programme and enlisted the help of the New York Academy of Sciences, an organisation that focuses on the advancement of science and its application to global challenges.

According Dr Meghan Groome, Executive Director of Education and Public Programmes at the Academy, Malaysia’s investment on high-level Sciences will help inspire the next-generation of scientist to create quality research and help make the world a better place.

This January, the programme commenced with a week-long course on what it takes to become a prize-winning scientist. The Nobelist Mindset workshop invited  high-level educators, science teachers and 80 outstanding young scientists affiliated with the PERMATApintar programme, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and other government schools.

After the course, Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts will spend a month in Malaysia as the official Laureate-in-Residence at UKM. A Nobel Prize winner in Medicine and Physiology, Roberts will collaborate with students, teachers and scientists to promote learning.

Moreover, the Academy is now working with leading scientists and scholars from UKM to create the programme’s curriculum. The curriculum prescribes the ideal conditions necessary for teachers, students and researchers to flourish in the sciences.

The Nobelist Mindset Pilot Programme is a component of the GSIAC Cradle to Career Initiative of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.


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