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Study In Malaysia For Indonesia Students-Safety Facts, Issues And Testimonials By Indonesian Students Studying In Malaysia

Study in Malaysia for Indonesia students. Safety facts, issues and testimonials by Indonesian students Studying in Malaysia. So all the internet reports and blog post about safety issues for Indonesian students studying in Malaysia is not true after all.

Demonstrations and road blocks with the intent to “Sapu Malaysia” goes on in Indonesia but Indonesian students in Malaysia are safe and enjoying their stay here.

“My parents called me to find out about the Malaysia-Indonesia situation as they were worried about my well-being here. But there is certainly nothing to be worried about,” said Lucky Handoko, 22, a design student and president of Merah Putih, the Indonesian Society of Limkokwing University.

Indonesian students studying here were not even aware that a controversial Tourism Malaysia commercial containing clips of a Balinese dance had sparked a tense situation, Handoko added.

No anti-Indonesian sentiments can be felt around campus. And none of them are having any problems with their Malaysian counterparts.

“You may read over the Internet that there are hate sentiments between both countries. Yet, what is seen online is not translated into reality,” said Fernika Thomas, 18, a fashion design student.

Indonesian Education Attache, Bapak Imran Hanafi, also told Malay Mail yesterday that the Indonesian community are enjoying their studies here.

“There are more than 15,000 Indonesian students studying in Malaysia and as far as I am aware, there has been no problems at all,” he said.

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