Jumaat, 29 Mac 2013

1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M) Application And Benefits

Government came out with a new scheme to help IPTA and IPTS student in their studies. The latest one is 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M)

The 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M) will soon be distributed to students studying abroad. The cards will be given free to students for them to enjoy discounts for selected goods and services.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism will be getting information and discuss the matter with Higher Education Ministry, embassies, student charity bodies overseas before the card distribution.

So how to apply for KADS1M?

You don't have to do anything. It is for all IPTA and IPTS students. You don't have to apply for the card. But 1Malaysia student discount card application and benefits is yet to be seen. Let see what the card can do for students.

Let hope for the best from this KADS1M

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