Khamis, 13 Jun 2013

Congratulations YB Dato Jelani Hamdan (N.4 Matunggung)

1. The recently concluded PRU-13 was an important moment in my life. For the first time in my life, I spent so much time, energy and some money to help someone to win the elections.

2. So I took a week off days from work to go around the villages meeting many people and telling them not to vote for Barisan Nasional (BN) but and give their vote for PKR. I told the people it was important for them to vote for someone who is willing to help and defend the native land not to fall in the hand of outsider. It was a tiring days, working from morning up until midnight every days from village to village, house to house visit.

3. In the villages where many people knew me, they asked why I took the trouble to get involved this time. Some of them was having some thought that I probably did that because of some monetary, positions or work contracts rewards if the person I support win the election.

4. But  I think most of them got it wrong. I was not looking at monetary, position or work contracts. I was doing that for the people. I want to see a YB who are willing to go defending the native land for the people. That is all I care about. I have been talking about this issue for quite sometimes already.

5. So I went on campaigning, spending time, energy and money and eventually the candidate won. I was happy and hoping that this person will walk his talk and defend the people lands so it remains intact in the hand of the local.

6. I received many phone call, asking me what is next for me. I really don't have the answer for those question as I was not expecting for anything nor going to get anything from the YB.

7. In fact the day after the election I was already trying to distanced myself from the YB, not even attended his offer for dinner, as I don't want to be seen as someone trying to secure something for personal benefits from YB.

8. And today here I am, still doing my job and quite happy for it. 

9. I heard that today is the "Majlis Angkat Sumpah" for YB in Sabah at the Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sabah. To the YB for N.4 Matunggung, I wish to take this opportunity to say this "CONGRATULATION YB, MAY THE LORD WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS IN EXECUTING YOUR DUTIES FOR THE PEOPLE OF N.4 MATUNGGUNG" 

10. Genuinely hoping that the people wishes are properly taken care this time.


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