Jumaat, 23 Ogos 2013

(Must Read) Cruelty To Animal Cat Bonsai in New York

In New York, a Japanese guy who live in New York city is making money from selling a new-decoration known as the 'Cats Bonsai. "These decorations are made with a very cruel way. He stuffed the kitten in a glass jar or bottle so the kitten grow up inside it.

To ensure the kitten grows following the shape and size of the jar or bottle, he gave it a special drug which will make the kitten's bones soft, so it is easy to follow shape or form of the jar.

The kitten can not move in the jar, let alone for clean itself. Cat Bonsai are marketed widely throughout New York, Indonesia and New Zealand.

Do you think this guy should be punished? We got to stop this cruel activities against animal and bring the culprit to the court of law and send this guy to prison until the next kingdom come.

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