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Google Adsense Income For Malaysian Blogger (Must Read)

Many other bloggers often asked me this question. Is Google Adsense income for Malaysian bloggers still good? I'm a blogger myself although not a good blogger and Google Adsense is not my No.1 source of income online but somehow I'm following the trend and the latest development of Adsense all the time.

My Answer

So my answer to this very good question is YES and also NO.

There are many ways to make money online. You can promote Amazon products, affiliates such as Clickbank and CJ and there are thousands more way to make money online, but often than not,  many bloggers choose Google Adsense to monetize their blog or website. I know why it is so. Getting started to make money online with Adsense is pretty simple and easy.

All you have to do it start a website or blog, pump in some contents into it and apply for Adsense account, upon approval, you may immedietly slap a couple of Adsense codes into you blog. Done! simple right?

BUT that is not always the case. Getting started is easy, but make real money online with Adsense is not easy IF you don't know the correct way to do it. It will takes time, months even years before you actually able to make some money online through Google Adsense.

If it is so easy, then everyone is having a blog and Adsense ads on it but it is not. Making money with Adsense is not a get-rich quick scheme. So if you are thinking about getting real rich by make money online with Adsense, you are in a wrong place.

So what about making money online with Adsense for Malaysian bloggers? YES! it is indeed possible, in fact I found out several blogs out there (according to my observation = age of the blog + traffic + the blog layout) is making good money with Adsense. Take a look at spblogger.com or Beautifulnara.com. These blog is enjoying huge traffic and I believe they are making some several thousand dollar every month. There are a few more which I don't wish to mention here.

BUT if your blog or webpage is not enjoying good amount of traffic then making money with Adsense is a little hard for you. You will have to learn more Adsense tips such as how to find a high-paying low competition niche, Adsense ads placement, how to generate decent amount of traffic and so on.

It is a long process of learning. May be next time I will write something about how to look for good niche to blog about. 

The problem

The problem for us in Malaysia is that not many advertisers in every niche market. If you are setting up a blog on specific niche but there are no advertisers, then you will be getting irrelevant Adsense ads shows up on your page, and this will effect your CTR to around ZERO everyday. If this happen, you are in a deep trouble.

Because of not many advertiser competing for the Adsense ads space, the CPC will also be very low. May be you will be getting USD 0.01 per click. So this is not good.

Is it true that Adsense is dead in Malaysia? No! Adsense is pretty much alive, just that you need to work a little harder and seriously. You will have to do a good research before jumping in to get started with your first blog.

Good luck in making money online with Google Adsense.

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