Isnin, 26 Ogos 2013

KBU International College Scholarship Awards For Top STPM Scorers

KBU scholarship Awards. As a responsible corporate citizen KBU International College (KBU) and its Board of Governors would like to offer 100 full scholarships to all STPM top achievers to pursue their tertiary education at KBU. These scholarships will be offered to those who have obtained 4.0 in cumulative grade point average (CGPA) but are unable to obtain a place in our public universities.

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Tan Sri Dato (Dr) Teo Soo Cheng said: “The scholarships would cover 100% of the tuition fees for study in the wide range of UK honours degree programmes conducted at KBU”

Tan Sri Teo added that this is to provide opportunities for these talented students to carve out a career for themselves.

“Secondly, we recognize that the nation needs talented human capital as she moves towards developed nation status and meet the goals of VISION 2020. The degrees at KBU are awarded by 3 reputable UK universities, i.e. Nottingham Trent University, Sheffield Hallam University and Anglia Ruskin University,” said Tan Sri Teo.

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